Thursday 26 February 2009

Precession - Web Comic

Precession - Pulp SciFiPrecession Comic PageBaja Wardenclyffe is a Privateer for the Earth government; she travels the outer reaches of space searching for anything noteworthy. A government privateer is provided with a ship, equipment and an android assistant, but is expected to provide their own wits, ingenuity and sense of adventure. Acting as an Explorer crossed with an Early Warning System, a Privateer will investigate anything that looks remotely interesting or remotely dangerous. (Lifted straight from the about section, I thought it describes things beautifully)

The Writing
Oh what a tangled web is weaved by the creator of Precession, Jake Staines. With flavours of Blade Runner, Alien, Space Odyssey and more this is a sci-fi adventure story that is well thought out and really well structure. I enjoy reading this although the pace is sometimes a bit slow but as with many web comics you have to wait patiently for updates.

The Art
I'm not a huge fan of the art in Precession although it does not detract from the story. OK that's technically not true. I love aspects of the art such as the machinery, tech and the environments but I not too keen on the actual character art. This story has loads of potential and the creator deserves loads of credit for the concept and the execution but may be missing opportunities to develop as a property.

Normally on Mondays

Precession Online Comic

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