Wednesday 25 February 2009

Awakenings - Web Comic

AwakeningsAwakenings Comic PageI'm pretty new to this online wonder. At first glance i thought this some obscure horror comic that I'd have no interest in. Upon checking out a few pages I was hooked and before I new it I'd read the whole story so far. Awakenings is the story of a New York city detective hot on the trail of a gruesome serial killer only to find himself on the run when every lead points to the one person he never would have suspected -- himself.

The Writing
I found the story a bit slow, but that's not a bad thing I feel it works in the context of the overall feel of this online comic. I'm just desperate to know what's going to happen. I find that I like the characters and I root for the lead and hope that he overcomes the obstacles in front of him. Eric Hobbs has created a good solid story here and with over 120 pages so far I'm hooked until the end.

The Art
The art reminds me of a few different artist it has a Michael Ryan(he did lots of Wildstorm stuff) feel at times along with a bit of Kevin Sharpe (X-Treme X-men, New Resident Evil) and although not as polished as the two pros I just mentioned the art is a better standard than most web comics.

Around two pages per week as far as I can tell.

Awakenings Online Comic
Awakenings on Myspace

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're liking it so far, Neil. Thanks for the positive post. You've got a really great collection of sites here.