Tuesday 24 February 2009

The Zombie Hunters - Web Comic

The Zombie HuntersZombie Hunters ArtworkZombies are cool. Hunting Zombies is cool. What could be better. how about hunting zombies and looting!
This is a great little web comic about survivors of a zombie apocalypse (usual set-up) what makes this different from a million other zombie tales is delivery.

This is one of the best written online comics i have come across. I've read it from the start and still have loads of unanswered questions. The subtlety of the character interaction is at times mesmerising and you seem to get hints of how bad things have been leading up to the current continuity but with enough drama to keep your interest and keep me coming back for more.

Jenny Romanchuck is a talented individual. you can easily see in the artwork the she cars about the characters. Her development as an artist is amazing and through the 170 plus pages her artistic style has continued to develop.

Updated every Monday and occasionally on a Thursday


Recommended is you like. . .
Zombie movies, The Walking Dead, I am Legend etc.

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