Wednesday 25 February 2009

Questionable Content - Web Comic

Questionable ContentQuestionable Content Comic PageQuestionable content is a prime example of on online comic i should hate. I know absolutely nothing about Emu's . . . or Emo's and have never heard of half of the bands and music references that come up in the course of the story, however the characterization by J. Jacques and the smooth flowing story drags you in and makes you love the characters. I even like the strange girl who works in the library. This is one of my daily pleasures and find myself eager for more.

The Writing
You could easily believe that J. Jacques is writing from life. The interaction between characters is absolutely brilliant. The story takes you one way and then an other always entertaining and never too serious although it does cover some real issues involving suicide and heartbreak. This comic is not normally the type of thing I read but a story underlying story is what drives me to keep reading. I care about most if the characters and want to see what happens to them. This, for me, is the new Friends, albeit in an online comic format. Oh and the little anthro computer "Pintsize" with plans for world domination (pictured above) is hilarious.

The Art

As is the case with most webcomics the art at the beginning is a bit shaky but quickly progresses and with over 1300 pages done I'd put the art style up there with the like s of Jeff Smith's Bone or Scott Kurtz's PVP. This online comic is presented in full colour. There are also the occasional guest weeks where artists and creator from other online comics and medias take their own stab at the QC gang. There is however this really annoying bird that appears from time to time instead of the main strip and just basically insults everything. He's great by the way.

Updates normally about 4 times a week Monday through Thursday.

Questionable Content Web Comic
J. Jacques Live Journal

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