Tuesday 3 March 2009

Surfboards and Rayguns - Web Comic

Surfboards and Ray GunsSurfboards and Rayguns Comic PageWizer is a surf Bum/Instructor who spends his days teaching in a beautiful sun kissed beach setting. Den-Arria is a space age warrior caught up in some kind of Galactic war. The two of them get thrown together and we have Surfboards and Rayguns. Bradley Overall shows lots of talent and promise with this online comic. A regular schedule could make this one of the coolest online adventures available.

The Writing
Shows lots of promise. Still in the very early stages, only a handful of pages uploaded so far. The Concept is one of Aliens and Intergalactic warfare descending upon earth and landing smack right into a scene from Point Break. Some of the main characters are already being fleshed out but there is enough to keep you wanting more.

The Art
Very cool art and colours. The art reminds me of cartoons such as "The Batman" and "Megas XLR". The main female character reminds me of Kiva. The art is very fluid and works really well with the story. A very professional finish would not surprise me if this title went on to get published.


Surfboards & Rayguns Website and Comic
Surfboards and Rayguns at DrunkDuck

Brad Overall Art Blog

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Tight Spots said...

Hey great blog site you have here.
just thought I'd let you know that
Surfboards and Rayguns has it's own site at

Lot's of extra stuff there also.

islam nasheed said...

good web comic hopefully.