Monday 23 February 2009

Acrobat - Web Comic

AcrobatAcrobat Comic PageAcrobat is a story of a superhero sidekick who after loosing his mentor makes the step up from sidekick to full blown hero, while dealing with all the normal issues of teenage life.

The Writing
Considering that the creator of this book is in his teens he does a very good job of conveying the emotional state of a teenage boy and the struggles that any teenager faces. He also does a good job and showing how that teenage kid deals with all the problems associated with being a costumed hero in ever expanding universe full of various challenges and revelations.

The Art
This is where, i think, many people might fall down with Acrobat as the art at the beginning of the story is that of a teenage kid with hopes of being a comic artist one day. As the story progresses (up to 17 online issues at time of writing this) You will see major developments in style and quality. I think that JD Smith will become a comic superstar in the coming years. for one so young he shows an great understanding of storytelling and pacing as his style develops i firmly believe he will fulfill the comic artist dream.

updates pretty regularly normally around 2-3 pages per week.


I love Acrobat and its one of my favourite web comics.
Love to here what you guys think?

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