Wednesday 25 February 2009

Ice - Web Comic

Ice Online ComicIce Comic PageFound this online comic around a month ago and have fell in love with it. The Author "Faith Erin Hicks" is a Shuster Award winning creator for her work on Zombies Calling which was published by SLG. The story centres around the Lead character Hunter in an ice cold post nuclear war torn Britain. This has been going for a while now and is heading for its conclusion so I'd get in a read it now before Faith wins even more awards for her ability to tell fascinating stories with beautiful artwork.

The Writing
You instantly care about the characters and their plight. There are enough plot set ups to gain anyone's interest. as this speed towards its conclusion i hope that we are not left wanting when it comes to an end. The character of Hunter strikes me a s one who would easily transfer to tv or movies. This project could be huge with the right push behind it. I hope Faith does not drop the ball and make this a story to remember.

The Art
Reminiscent of Jamie Hewlitt the artwork has a slight manga influence but could easily be a vertigo book. The colours are cold and dark with spots of warm which depicts the climate in which the story is set perfectly.

Schedule says 2-4 pages per update. Updates are twice monthly

Ice online Comic
Faiths DeviantArt Page
Zombies Calling
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