Tuesday 17 March 2009

The Fighting Stranger - Web Comic

The Fighting StrangerFighting Stranger Comic PagesSaw the title and was instantly hooked. First read it over at Zuda when it was part of one of the monthly competitions in september 2008. I thought it should have ranked higher than it did. Maybe it was a bit slow to start or maybe the just the first 8 pages were not enough to show people the potential this had, but now that its getting going I think its great. So far the characters seem really good and although we are early in the story, as of this post, I'm with it for the long haul.

The Writing
The pace so far has been steady with not too much in the way of action, although when we did finally get some around page 25 it was worth the wait. I eager to see where this story is going. We have the usual post apocalyptic backdrop as so many other web comics seem to although not much is given away except that breathing outside is not easy.

The Art
Good solid art. Reminds me of some of the art in 200AD over the last few years. Not much else to say about the art as it probably one of the most professionally finished web comics that I've come across.


Fighting Stranger Online Comic
Creator Adam Monetta's Blog

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