Thursday 26 March 2009

Sin Titulo - Web Comic

Sin TituloRandom Sin Titulo Comic PagesThis is a great online comic. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. Great story great art and a weekly schedule. What more do you want. . . well how about mystery, intrigue and small doses of extreme violence. Greta stuff. This comic has a mature readers warning so don't be letting your kids read it, Although its not that bad, better safe than sorry though. Without ruining the story here's how the creator describes it. A dark, neo-noir semi-autobiographical mystery thriller concerned with dreams, family, and memory. Enjoy.

The Writing
The best way to describe this, i think is, if you like Lost (the tv show) you'll love this. Lots of suspense and lots hints at something just out of reach. The comic is about 70 pages in as this is written and has laid enough groundwork to make this one of the most intriguing online comics I've read in a while. The pacing is really nice, not too slow and not too fast.

The Art
Who knew black white and beige could work together so well, I guess Cameron Stewart did. The art is highly professional and very simplistic which suit the highly complex storyline. You might have heard of Cameron Stewart as he was the artist on Catwoman and Seaguy at DC and has worked on carious other comics such as Superman, Buffy, Hellboy and many more.


Sin Titulo Online Comic
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