Tuesday 10 March 2009

Flobots - Web Comic

Rise of the Flobots - Architects of ChangeFlobots Comic PageRight. Rise of the Flobots is a story about a guy who keeps putting up campaign signs and keeps getting them destroyed or broken. . . No it's a story about an Iraq Veteran who has been sidelined due to injury and longs to be back in the field. . . No actually its a story about Robots in a far flung future that a fighting for survival in a post apocalyptic worlds or so it seems. I actually have no idea what Flobots is about. I started reading it because I was a fan of DJ Coffman's Hero by Night over at Drunk Duck. and was gutted when that stopped. I found out that he was doing stuff with the Band Flobots and thought I check it out.

The Writing
As a fan of DJ Coffman, I enjoy his writing style and know that it will lead somewhere interesting. Once I got past the two seemingly unrelated intro stories the main strip set in the future show lots of promise and feels like it could burst into life at any moment. Still waiting though.

The Art

I'm a fan of DJ's art. its simple yet good enough to keep you interested. It's easy to follow and has a very animated feel to it. I sometimes feel that animated style give a false sense of fun to some of the more serious scenarios in the storyline, but that's just a minor gripe. The colours are really good.

Fairly regular

Flobots Online Comic
Creator DJ Coffma's Blog

Recommended if you like. . .
Hero by Night, I-Robot, Terminator etc.

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