Wednesday 25 March 2009

Last Blood - Web Comic

Last BloodLast Bllod Comic PageI'd call this a gem of a find. Its been going for a couple of years now and is already onto its second volume. Last Blood is the story of a group of human's, possibly the last remaining humans after a zombie outbreak. The story starts about a month after the outbreak started and the future looks very bleak. A small group of people are holed up inside a school in the middle of nowhere with none or little knowledge of how this nightmare started. I don't want to ruin anything for you but I'll just tell you that there are Zombies and Vampires and really good art so goo check it out.

The Writing
Great Story, Great Concept, Great Pacing. As with all good stories you are eager to know more about the characters. It has all the mainstays of a good zombie story, you know the ones; last remnants of humanity, no realistic hope of survival, Zombies closing in from all over. . . the usual except Bobby Crosby throws a few well throughout curve balls into the mix. . . Vampires. And for good measure Bobby actually gives us a plausible explanation (well plausible in the confines of the story) about the origins of the zombie. I wont tell you as it'll spoil the story.

The Art
Some of the best art in an online comic I've come across. Owen Giemi is an artist that is definitely going places and I loved for him to take over a book like The Walking Dead if Robert Kirkman ever needs a replacement for Charlie Adlard. The art is crisp and in a way does remind me of Tony Moore's run on the Walking Dead with a kind of Avatar art feel thrown in. This is definitely a comic I'd buy of the shelves. Now that its in it's second volume its gone full colour. Even Better!


Last Blood Online Comic
Owen Gieni's Website(Artist)

Recommended if you like. . .
The Walking Dead, Zombie Movies, Twighlight Saga, True Blood etc

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