Friday 6 March 2009

Magellan - Web Comic

MagellanMagellan Comic PageWhere to start with this one. This is online comic gold. A good strong setup, good character and good plots. Magellan is based around a school for superheros in training and the things that happen therein. It starts with chapter one to give you a tatse here is the set up. Kaycee heads off for Magellan Academy, the origin of Brelvis, Go! Anna takes on a small mystery, plus many characters are introduced - Nadine, Fatima, Freya, Tom, Charisma, Wombat-man and Epoch.

The Writing
The writing is top class, lots of similarities to other properties but lots of original ideas. The creator obviously grew up on super hero comics and his love of the genre shines through in his story telling. great characters that you root for and great character development throughout the series.

The Art
The art is steady and works with the story. Its not Jim Lee, but who is except Jim Lee. The style reminds me of Scott McCLoed. The colours are bright and vibrant and remind me of Marvel in the eighties.


Magellan Online Comic
Creator Stephen Crowley's Blog

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