Wednesday 8 April 2009

Retake - Web Comic

RetakeRetake COmic PageI've been on Drunk Duck for a while now and while much of the content there does not float by boat this comic certainly does. Retake by Dave and Dan (Mr Hades). Is a take on one of those classic superhero type stories. Guy down on his luck, in this case a frustrated actor, gains mysterious powers through alien technology and so on. The thing about this take on a classic theme is that it is actually very good.

The Writing
There seems to be a definite direction that this comic is heading in. The characterization is really good and makes the main character instantly likeable, if a little irritating. As the story progresses there are similarities in themes to properties like Ben 10, Marvel's Darkhawk, XO-manowar from Valiant, Robert Kirkman's Tech Jacket and so on. However its well worth a read and has some interesting subplots developing running alongside the main story.

The Art
Mr Hades (Dan Butcher) is definitely one to watch in the future. I've been a fan of his work over on the penciljack forums for a few years now and his stuff seem to get better and better. I'm expecting big things from him in the mainstream industry in the future. His art reminds me allot of DJ Coffman's style on Hero by night although not quite as polished yet. but every page he turns in seems to get better and better.

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Retake Online Comic
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