Tuesday 25 May 2010

Regular Updates resume??

Been off the grid for a while.
I've still been finding and reading lots of new Web Comics and over the next few weeks I'll be starting to showcase the ones that I feel are worthy of your attention.
There's quite a lot been happening in the world of Web Comics over the past year. The launch of smart phone comic reading apps have made access to mainstream comics in a digital format nice and easy.
Since i got my Iphone I've been keeping up with a few gems from Comixology and IDW. Marvel has also launch it's own Comic reading app powered by Comixology. Lots of excellent stuff to check out and it's all relatively cheap(some are free but mostly just samplers and first issues).
I've been reading lots of online comics and keeping up to date with many of the ones I've previously posted about.

Freakangels has been going strong since I first showcased it in Feb of last year. Its now on to the 5th volume and is definitely worth a read. Warren Ellis is a master storyteller and the art just gets better and better.This week's update is an excellent jumping on point. (Original Blog Post)

Questionable Content is still updating focusing on the lives of Martin, Pintsize and the gang. This is the online comic version of "Friends" but much more geeky and funnier. (Original Blog Post)

Acrobat continues to impress with fun superhero stories that have excellent character development and artwork that gets stronger and stronger. The Comic is now also available from CrankyOctopus.com which seems to be faster than Drunk Duck for image downloads and has other equally good web comics for your reading pleasure. (Original Blog Post).

Anyway more to come soon. I have some some really fantastic web comics to tell you about and I'm looking forward to turning you on to them.

As always if you are the creator of a web comic that you'd like showcased here please drop me a line. Likewise if there is something that anyone of you is reading that you feel I should be too. let me know.




CidBahamut said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've dug up for us.

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