Friday 29 January 2010

The Guns of Shadow Valley - Web Comic

Guns of Shadow Valley - Read it OnlineGuns of Shadow Valley PagesDo you like Cowboys? I do. How about cowboys with superpowers? Yup, me too?

The Guns of Shadow Valley is an amazing online comic set in the old west(at least i think it is, it may be set on an alien world or something. Time will tell).The cast of well developed characters are instantly likable with just enough intrigue about them to keep you interested. Without giving too much away about the story, not that much can be given as we are still in build up mode, the story seems to centre around Sheriff Bill Dawson and a Super fast Gunslinger by the name of Frank "Breakneck" Kelly. The Sheriff is putting together a Posse to do something in Shadow Valley and Frank is coerced into joining. . . There much more than that happened but I'm not into spoiling a really good story.

The Writing
This is written well. The characters are quickly defined by the dialogue and action giving you an instant feel for each of the new ones introduced. As with all good stories you are presented with various questions about character motivations, back story and hidden agendas but its written is such a way that you can get a feel for each of the character within their first few lines of dialogue or their first actions. I originally came across this online comic last year and although I liked it there was not enough for me to justify a feature on here, but now. . oh boy its groovy

The Art
The art in this online comic is a wonder to behold. The colour scheme that the artist uses is perfect for setting the tone, feel and firmly establishes a rustic, wild west platform which allows the beautifully drawn characters to stand out and jump of the page. the backgrounds are both detailed when required and sparse/barren when the story calls for it. The art goes a long way to making this story work.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Guns of Shadow Valley Online Comic
David Wachter (artist/co-writer/co-creator):
James Andrew Clark (co-writer/co-creator):

Recommended if you like. . .
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Simon MacDonald said...

Guns is a great webcomic. I first saw it back at CGS SuperShow 2008 where Dave was selling a preview version of the book. It really hooked me in and I'm amazed at how much Dave's art has progressed over the past few years.