Monday 16 August 2010

Gunnerkrigg Court - Web Comic

Gunnerkrigg CourtThis is an amazing web comic that chronicles the happenings at GunnerKrigg Court.
The character development throughout this masterpiece is so good you'll be in love with all the characters within the first few chapters.
The main focus of the story centres around Antimony "Annie" Carver, a child with unique gifts that allow her to talk to dead people, who's parents both went to Gunnerkrigg years earlier.
There are obvious comparisons to the Harry Potter books with regards to the setting and basic initial premise but in my opinion the character development in this world is far superior to what JK Rowling did with the Potter books. (Hope that comment does not open me up to a barrage of abuse from Potter fans)
So many different themes run through this story, there are magical themes, scientific themes, religious themes, fantasy themes and they all seamlessly meld together to create a fantastic story which i find myself desperate to read every day.
I don't really want to say much else about it as the comic itself is the best way of finding out more.

The Art
As is the case with most webcomics the art really develops over the course of the story. Tom Siddell has really grown as an artist over the course of the comic. With over 28 chapters now online it's wonderful to watch Tom develop as he develops the story.

Updates: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Gunnerkrigg Court Web Comic

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