Wednesday 6 May 2009

Tozo - Web Comic

The Public Servent TozoPages from TozoNot very often you come across a gem like this. This book has a very European feel to it's style and in many way reminds me of things like Tin Tin with a smattering of Mr Ben and a flavour of moebius. The official synopsis describes the comic like this; "When Detective Inspector Tozo is asked to investigate the murder of an employee of the Financial Exchange, he has little idea that the trail will lead him into a shadowy and deadly world of political intrigue, smuggling and religious conspiracy." Which is spot on and saves me rabbling on about it.

The Writing
Enthralling, I normally read a webcomic over a few sittings this was one of the ones that I had get right up to date with before pulling myself away from the screen. The main character are instantly likeable and the addition of the Mecha supporting cast is a nice touch. We have religious themes and scientific wonders with an ominous foreshadowing of dread all taking place around a seemingly utopean monarchy run society.

The Art
Like I said above it has shades of Tin Tin and the tv show Mr Ben. I'd also throw in a similarity to Paul Smith (X-men, Leave it to Chance). The colours suit the themes of the story and are typical of the European stuff I remember as a kid. The art is simplistic with a slight slant toward being cartoony. This does not take anything away from the stroy, in fact it suits the story perfectly.

Weekly on Sundays.

Tozo Online Comic

Recommended if you like. . .
This is an odd one not like anything else really. If you can help me out here please do.

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