Wednesday 29 April 2009

Corona Doves - Web Comic

Corona DovesSome example pages from HeistCorona Doves, a small mercenary group formed of four core members, operate in zones too politically suicidal for government bodies to do so. Here, choice and mystery is coupled with careful planning, but even then, things don’t always follow the desired path. This is where Destiny is chosen by the fearless, or a fate dealt to those who aren't.
Discover the unfolding story of Nabhori an orphaned child, now a woman…

The Writing
Very sleek, Without knowing much about the characters I find myself enthralled with this story. It moves effortlessly from action to quiet somber moments and back again. The writer know how to build tension and does so expertly in one of the first main battle scenes. Oh and what a good idea with "Tails".

The Art
Takes a bit of getting used to but but its really nice. Different scenes have different colour themes through them which helps separate plots. The art reminds me of Simon Colby's early stuff or Martin Edmonds back when he worked on Accident Man at Toxic. Well worth checking this out.

Mondays and Thursday.

Corona Doves Online Comic
November Studios

Recommended if you like. . .
Alien, Gears of War, Doom, Starship Troopers etc

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Unknown said...

Been meaning to say something for . . . Lord knows how long. I've been on a *Haitus*, with the novel, but always wanted to thank you for your review.

We'll be coming back very soon to complete the story and launch the next phase.

Glad you liked the art and more importantly, the story. Hope to see more reviews soon.