Thursday 7 May 2009

The Last Warring Angel - Web Comic

The Last Warring AngelPage from Last Warring AngelYou ever read a comic and think to yourself "This would make a great movie"? Yeah, me too. This online comic would make a great movie and I think the creators already have their cast picked out. In fact I think that this was possibly a movie script turned into a comic book as it reads like a movie and the cinematic style of the art easily lets your brain join the dots to make this an almost cinematic experience. The concept behind this comic is not a new one and has been done a few times over my comic reading experience as well as in a few movies but rarely have I read a comic like this and been able to picture it as movie. Credit must go to the artist for his skill in bringing the likeness of certain actor through in his work. Now onto a quick synopsis. Heaven vs Hell in an all out action packed adventure featuring Tom Cruise, Jennifer Garner, Gene Hackman and Samuel Jackson. . . well that would be the movie but the comic is the next best thing so go read it.

The Writing
At times i forgot i was reading a comic and the story plays out like a movie. I guess this was planned as the company is called Cinema Comics. Anyway. . . Although similar themes and stories have been done in comic and movies over the years I feel this one is one of the best. The character are solid and through the writers vision you instantly like or hate the ones you're supposed to. The pacing is perfect and although some of the scenes could be extended they work really well in this 5 issue format. A good solid back story provides the foundations for this not so futuristic tale set in 2015.

The Art
Brilliant. After reading this all the way through I have to say that I'm surprised that Marc Borstel is not one of the biggest stars in mainstream comics today. His art style is up there with Alan Davis and Brian Hitch and his ability to render likenesses is better that Greg Land. The art is a big part of why I gave this comic a 10. Not only for the line work but the colours are amazing too. Almost Cinematic!! I've since been and found Mr Borstels blog and seen some of the other stuff he does. Simply breathtaking!

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The Last Warring Angel Online Comic
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Really glad you enjoyed our project, Neil! On behalf of everyone at Cinemacomics and those involved in this project we thank you for taking the time to review our book.
--Jay Carvajal

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