Wednesday 20 May 2009

From Death Til Now - Web Comic

From Death Til NowFrom Death Til Now PageNow where to start with this one. . . This is a great tlittle online comic that has me hooked and desperate for more. Basically George and Virgil who are lifelong friend now in the twighlight of life go on a fishing trip. Sounds pretty dull but its anything but. A wonderfully crafted story that draws you in immediately. I'm not gonna say anymore about the plot as I dont want to spoil it just check out the sample page on the right and you'll know its not gonna be a boring strip about two old guys fishing. The Only thing I'm not keen on is the use of Copperplate Gothic font in the logo and web header buts that's just me.

The Writing
The main characters are very realistic and believable. There are some really good flashback sequences that fill in the background info once the story gets going giving a greater understanding of character motivations and aims. Now here's a statement. The two main character George and Virgil are a better duo than Will Smith and Martin Laurence. Better than Mathau and Lemon. . . So far.

The Art
I Like the art. Nice and simple with a animated feel to it. You can see this easily being translated to an animated version. The style of the art is similar, in my opinion, to DJ Coffman of Flobots and Hero By Night Fame. Done beautifully in black and white this comics is a quality read.

Currently on Hiatus but will hopefully return soon. Over 90 pages to get you started though.

From Death Til Now Online Comic
Michael E. Regina Studio Website

Recommended if you like. . .
Buddy Movies, Up, Hero By Night, Indiana Jones etc


Michael Regina said...

Thanks for the review! It made my day :-)

Luke said...

This is one of the better comics I've read. If you look at the first 20 pages closely you'll see the art just keeps getting better. Can't wait to see what sort of shinanigans are in store. I bet it's all about aliens. :o)