Tuesday 19 May 2009

Plan B - Web Comic

Plan BPages from Plan BVeronica is a 30 year old Supervillain who has spent the last 3 years amassing state-of-the-art weapons, designing technology you could only dream of and plotting out how to save the world from itself. All this while you've been watching Pop Idol.. And the reason for this? Well as she puts so eloquently you're better to get it from her. Click here for her motivational introduction promo piece.

The Writing
Very Well done, the character borders on genius at times and at no point leaves you wondering about character motivations and aims. The concept of the story at its base level is along the lines of Marvel's Thunderbolts and other comics that focus on the the villain. I must point out that although I use the Thunderbolts as a reference this online comic is nothing at all like the Thunderbolts. I've read all 5 of the parts/issues so far and my enjoyment of this gets more as it goes. my only gripe is that the end comes to quickly. you can read the whole thing in less than 20 minutes.

The Art
I'm not a huge fan of the line work but the simplicity if the lines mixed with the colour used does work extremely well and does not detract from the story. The character designs are good and instantly recognisable as individuals. The action sequences well laid out and easy to follow. While I'd not have picked this up in a store due to the art it does not stop me really enjoying aspect of it online. . . or maybe its just because its free. I would however pick up a printed trade now that I've got into it. So final word is that the art grows on you.


Plan B Online Comic
Creator's Deviant art Page
Comic's Face Book Group

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bman said...

You do some very in depth reviews. I like the fact that you seem to provide good and bad and descriptions of why. It's a better way to review than just writing the score and how much it sucked.

It feels weird to promote myself under another comic's review, so I won't, but it's what you said to do...