Tuesday 28 April 2009

Heist - Web Comic

HeistSome example pages from HeistHeist is the story of the world's greatest thief and follows his adventures as he steals things that no one else can. It's a fairly simple premise but I feel that there is lots more to come from this comic and as the pacing and art are good I'm going to stick with it for a while to see what's going to happen. My only issue is that its not easy to navigate through the site so that you can read the comic.

The Writing
As I mentioned above the pacing is good and the characters are intriguing. I feel like I've missed an origin or something as the story seems to pick up in the middle. Its a bit like watching Empire Strikes Back if you have not seen A New Hope, Really enjoyable and entertaining but you could do with knowing who all the characters are.

The Art
Great art, great colours great style. The main character looks a bit like Cobra Commander. The art is sharp, crisp and clean my only gripe. not getting enough of this comic.

Weekly - every Thursday.

Heist Online Comic

Recommended if you like. . .
Mission Impossible Movies, James Bond, Entrapment Movie etc

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