Friday 10 April 2009

Hand of the Morningstar - Web Comic

Hand of the MorningstarHand of the Morning StarOK hows this for a them. Group of Superheroes all working as a force for good under the guidance of a religious leader who is guiding their every move and more importantly is the giver of their abilities and has the power to take them away if they are not living up to his goals, which leads us to believe that there are darker undertones to the storyline. The basic premise as described on the site reads. "Superheros and Super Villains Clash — but what happens when the villain comes to know Jesus,
and the Superhero carries an evil secret?"

The Writing
Well I'll say this. I was originally put off this book because i was under the impression that it was a wholesome Christian comic boo. Nothing against those but they tend not to be my cup of tea. Once I started reading I found that the themes and ideas work really well and if I'd not had the preconception of this being a God botherer comic would have picked it up in print. Which by the way I'm actually going to do especially since I know that one of my online acquaintances takes over the art chores after Mr Miller's run is over.

The Art
What can you say about the art. . . . It's amazing. Mike S Miller is one of my favourite artist his style is so beautifully crisp and clean. The detail that he puts into his work is nearly at a technical drawing level with every frame looking almost like an instruction manual on how to draw terrific comic books. Now that's the fanboy rant about Mr Miller over. His art on this book, although done in Greyscale, is great and is what I've come to expect from this artist. My only problem is that I feel Mike does not do enough mainstream stuff. This book although good is not normally something I would pick up.

Monthly i think, although I get the feeling its not been updated in a while.

Hand of the Moring Star Online Comic
Mike S Miller on Deviant Art

Recommended if you like. . .
Super hero comics, religion, Justice League etc

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