Wednesday 2 December 2009

Melody - Web Comic

Melody - Read on line a Zuda.comMelody Web Comic PageStraight from the Zuda Synopsis: Through chance, Mel comes into possession of the melody to “the greatest song in the world”... but not the lyrics. The tune comes straight from the Muse Of Song and it’s of supernatural power, everyone who hears it will love it! Various groups of people (politicians, the church, advertisers), they all want it for their own means. By providing their own lyrics they could shape it to be the ultimate propaganda song. Some try to buy Mel, some to charm her, some to intimidate her. And when ruthless ex-spy, Damien, goes after her she soon finds herself running for her life. She has to stay alive and do the right thing with the divine melody in her head...Now if only she could find out what the right thing is!

The Writing
I originally read the first 8 pages back when this was part of the monthly competition and was not all that impressed, not that my initial opinion mattered as it finished in 1st place winning that month's competition. I revisited this comic recently and found it had been completed. After reading through the 60 pages of well scripted, thoroughly entertaining story I take back my initial unimpressed stance. This is a really good story although i feel it might have ended too soon. We were just really getting to know the characters and their motivations.

The Art
The art is Nice, good solid structure and fantastic colours. Illias Kryriazis has been a pro since 2001 and it shows in this highly polished web comic. Not overly simple and not too detailed the art really lends itself to the Zuda framework. It does have a kind of European feel to it, although this may be because the artist is from Greece, which is a good thing. As with many of the newer Zuda Comics the artist seems to have designed his panels to fit a screen rather than a page and some of the layouts are really innovative. I'll definitely be checking out some of his other stuff.


Melody Online Comic
Illias Kyriazis Deviant Art

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