Thursday, 24 November 2011

Top 10 Cool Webcomics November - December 2011

Way over due an update to my top 10 cool webcomics. A few of my favourites have ended since I last did a top 10 so great online comics like Acrobat, The Fowl and Freakangels are now complete. You can still read them at their respective site. Anyway, here's the current rundown for November/December 2011

The Top 10 Cool Webcomics
10. Questionable Content by J. Jacques
9. Flying Sparks by Jon Del Arroz
8. William Feist: Paranormal Investigator by Old Dying Kitty Comics
7. Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun by Eric Peterson and Ryan Cody
6. Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell
5. Pictures of You by Gibson Twist
4. Superfogeys by Brock Heasley & Marc Lapierre
3. Specimen B-28 by Stephen Daymond
2. Vanguard by Mr Hades(Dan Butcher)
1. Smash by Chris & Kyle Bolton

It's a real struggle trying to get this down to 10 comics as there are so many good webcomics out there now. A few that came really close and may get into the top ten at some point are Spindrift, Adler's Watch, False Positive and Deathboy.
As always if you'd like to suggest a web comic for the Cool Webcomics list please email me. I do get lots of submissions and don't have the time to respond to every one (i only get about 20 minutes free time per month to mess around online, mostly I work, or be a dad, or clean, or be a husband, or train, or sleep. so I'm sorry if i don't get back to you.) However if I see something that is awesome I will most definitely come back to you and post it on the blog. It might even make the Top 10.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Updates from the Twitter Feed

Way past due for an update to the blog so here's the most recent bunch of tweets about cool webcomics. I tend to post of my latest finds and fave on Twitter as it's much quicker for spreading the word about great new webcomics or awesome existing ones. So head over to Twitter and follow me there to be kept in the loop.
I'll still be updating the blog from time to time with the posts from twitter and I'll try and get back to writing more detailed posts but as this is just a labour of love for me it has to come behind all the paying work and family stuff. Anyway hope you enjoy the latest installment of comics and don't forget to comment.

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Hand of the Morningstar is worth a look!

Book 2 of Sacred Pie has just concluded. a great time to go read the whole epic so far:

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What about This? can't make up my mind if it's nonsense or the best webcomic I've ever read.

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Hey. Found a new Webcomic. Only a couple of pages so far but looks interesting.

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found this. passing it in. go check it!!  

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