Friday 4 December 2009

Artist Showcase - Rudy Vasquez

Next up we have a an up and coming superstar Rudy Vasquez. Rudy is another artist I found on DeviantArt. I absolutely love his hyper detailed pencils. Rudy has worked on various projects and by what i see is getting better and better every time his pencil touches paper. His style reminds me of some of my favourite artists from the 90's including Jim Lee, Dave Finch and Liam Sharp(note: these are still some of my favourite artist) although he truly has his own style which has obviously developed from a love of great comic art. I can see Rudy becoming a much bigger name in comics over the next few years.

Below, Rudy has answered some questions to give you an insight into him as an artist and fan.

Rudy Vasquez - WolverineWhat first got you into comic books?
Well, I remember being given a small novel sized color collection of Stan Lee's and Steve Ditko's run of Spider-Man but what made me really want to be a penciler was Punisher War Journal #8 by Jim Lee. I remember thinking..."This art isn't the same as everything else, it's special." So, it inspired me to want to do the same.

Who is your favourite comic book character?
That's easy. I'd have to say, Spider-Man. For the same reasons most people love him. He's so relRudy Vasquez - Jokeratable. Most of us without a silver spoon inour mouths have experienced being late on rent or at least stressing over it. Having to do laundry, juggle our job and love life without compromising a dream. Only in Spidey's case, it's less a dream than what he feels is his responsibility. Well, we have to recognize that even though none of us have special powers like a super hero, we do have special abilities nonetheless. It can be, writing talents, drawing, singing or whatever it might be. With great talent comes great responsibility. We shouldn't waste what God has gifted us with, even if we have to juggle the rent too.

Who are your major artistic influences?
Well, I'd say Jim Lee but luckily when people see my art it's usually a different comparison. I'm grateful for that because even though Jim's been a huge inpsiration I don't want to be a xerox machine. We all have to find our own voice. I do incorporate a little of everyone I admire though, even if it's in a small way. I love, Leinel Yu, Steve Rude, Hiroaki Samura, John Romita. just to name a few.

What comics do you currently read?
I'm way behind but anything from Carnival Comics of course, One-eyed Jack! by Jon Castaneda, and Spider-Man books.

What are you currently working on?
I'm the head artist at Carnival Comics and I'm doing the art for Jazan Wild's Carnival of Souls and The Funhouse of Horrors. I'm also doing a creator owned book with writer Justin Carmona about a native El Paso super-hero called the Black-Bird. I'm excited about both because Jazan Wild has such precise vision with Carnival of Souls and the Black-Bird will give me the opportunity to have a commentary on something unique like a border city. Keep in mind that the Carnival of Souls is and will be available through your cell phone as an app, or on for free. You should really take advantage of that!

Rudy Vasquez - UTF
Rudy Vasquez - Venger
Rudy Vasquez - Hulk vs Spawn

To see more of Rudy's work visit his DeviantArt here or his Blog.


Emperor said...

Awesome...maybe I could get a review for my webcomic up here?

Callie said...

So glad you are back! I liked your rating system. It was your rating system! People can agree to disagree. Please yourself. This is your post! Thank you for the comics you introduced in this blog. I never would have found Lilly, Ice or Melody otherwise. Happy Holidays!

NTH said...

Thanks for caring Callie. I think the ratings system was a bit aloof of me so I'm just going to concentrate on showcasing the best Webcomics I find as well as some of my favourite artists from around the web.
I'm glad I turned you on to Ice and Melody hope I can find a few more to your liking.
Between you and me I'll still rate them in my own mind so there will be nothing beneath a 6 showcased.