Tuesday 1 December 2009


Hi Folks,
just dropping by to apologise for the lack of updates to this blog. Way back in the first part of the year I was roaring along posting lots of Cool Webcomics for you to read. This blog was really starting to take off.
Out of the Blue I got an email from a viewer questioning my scoring system (marks out of 10). I thought about it quite a bit and in the end i agreed with this reader that the scoring system was naff. So rather than sort it out i got a bit disillusioned with the updating the blog.
Fast Forward to now. .
I'm taking away the scoring system. Instead I'll add a some information comparing the featured web comics to other things that I feel are similar in tone, genre or look. i.e. If you like Blade-Runner then Precession is a good fit for you and so on.
In Addition to Features on Webcomics I'm going to be posting some features about artists I like and featuring some of their work with links to their sites etc. I feel this still falls under the Cool Webcomics banner as they will be comic artist or aspiring comic artist who draw comics/comic related images and put them online so in essence still Cool Webcomics (stuff).

Anyway that's all for now. Thank you all for reading and sticking with me. I hope that I can bring you lots more webcomics to read and some really cool art to look at.

As always I welcome your comments, recommendations and suggestions


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