Wednesday 2 December 2009

Artist Showcase - Carl Riley

New Feature Time!!
To Start of this new feature I could think of nothing better than talking to a fellow brit. I first came across Carl's work on his DeviantArt Page. His stuff reminded me of my favourite time in comics, the early 90's. As it turns out, read his answers below, I was spot on. Now over the last couple of years his style has developed and been refined to what you see here.

I dropped Carl an email and asked him to answer a few question so you can all know a bit more about him as well as see his artwork.

Moonknight and Ghost RiderWhat first got you into comic books?
I first got in to comics about 10 years ago when friend of mine introduced me to Fathom and Michael Turners art. As an art student myself I was amazed at the quality of work and have been hooked ever since.

10th MuseWho is your favourite comic book character?
I have a few but I'd have to go with Aphrodite ix, a super hot cyber chick created by David Finch back when i first got in to comics.

Who are your major artistic influences?
Turner and Finch have been two of my biggest influences from the outset. In more recent years I've discovered the talents of Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Ebas, Tyler Kirkham and various other artists with the 'Top Cow' feel to their work. Joe Mad! and Mark Brooks are two more with a different style I really look up to.

What comics do you currently read?
I started out with the books such as Witchblade, Fathom, Darkness and still read those today. I went through a stage of reading Marvel books but soon tired of endless 'superhero saves the world' stories.

What are you currently working on?
As a new dad I've not got a great deal of time on my hands for drawing right now so have had to turn down long running projects. I'm currently concentrating on commission which also help beat the credit crunch!

What is your dream project?
I'd love to work for Top Cow or Aspen as a cover artist or interiors. I guess my dream would be that Aphrodite ix would be bought back and I'd get to do the pencils....errrr.... but that is NEVER gonna happen!

Witchblade by Carl Riley
The Legend of Isis by Carl Riley
10th Muse - By Carl Riley

To see more of Carl's work visit his DeviantArt here.

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