Friday 1 October 2010

Artist Showcase - Guile Blackpanther

Spiderman vs VenomTime for another artist showcase. Now this guy is an artist I've been watchin (not in a pervy way) on DeviantArt for a while. I think he is an artist who is destined for very big things and the sooner Joe Q at marvel realizes that there is not anyone who can touch his spiderman art the better. He draws Spiderman better than almost anyone I've seen with the exception of maybe McFarlane. His art style has a hint of European flavour to it, maybe becuase he's a frenchman. Much of his artwork reminds me slightly of Olivier Coipel but only in terms of stylistic similarities he is in no way a clone. Anyway I sent Guile and email and he answered the question below to give a liittle insight into his work and comic tastes.

BatmanWhat first got you into comic books?
I don't remember exactly, but I think I was maybe 4 when my uncle was reading me the adventures of Spidey in his french translated comicbooks! It was the first contact and love at first read!

Who is your favourite comic book character?
Spider-Man (No surprises here)

Who are your major artistic influences?
Nowadays, I would say Olivier Coipel, Leinil Yu, Jim Cheung, Stuart Immonen and Mike Mignola.

What comics do you currently read?
A lot of Marvel comics, some DCs and independant comicbooks, no mangas

What are you currently working on?
Videogames character designs, advertisements and working on my own comicbook stuff when I got spare time!

What would be your Dream Project?

Amazing Spider-Man or Thor, then my own comibook

Sharp and Spade

To see more of Guile's work visit his DeviantArt here.

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Pierre MINNE said...

Nice dude ! Cool little interview ! ;)