Thursday 23 September 2010

Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun - Web Comic

Jesus Christ - In The Name of the Gun - Read OnlineOk. Now for a little web comic that may or may not get me grief from some religious types. Before I go any further please be aware that i did not draw or write this webcomic, so aim your anger over there at the heretics who have created this abomination. I do however find it thoroughly entertaining and this it should be made mandatory as part of any modern religious education curriculum(ha). Jesus kicks some serious ass in this violently hilarious webcomic. Imagine Bruce Campbell running around in a tabard with a beard and a wrist mounted time machine.

The Writing
I find the flow of this online strip just perfect. There is enough detail played out to keep you interested in the bigger picture but the main focus, so far, seems to be on the all out action and terrific one liners. Some of the gags are genius. I won't go too much into the story but here is my take on it so far. Jesus (The son of God) Christ has decided that the way history has panned out is a bit shit. so he sets about fixing things. Now to do this he's gonna need to be able to travel through time to certain points in history and right the wrongs that he sees as being done. Want to know more? Of course you do so go read it.
Eric Peterson has crafted an enjoyable and, as it continues, a very intriguing story which is fast becoming one of my favourite webcomics.

The Art
So far there is one complete volume with the second volume well underway. The art in the first story arc is by Ethan Nicolle who's art is of the cartoony variety. It does work well with the fantastical plot of the comic and where it needs to be it can be dark and powerful. I get a slight tang of Robert Crumb in this art, which is very cool. The Artist on the second volume is a guy called Ryan Cody. Now I'm familiar with Ryan's work as I follow his art on his Deviant art site, so I'm already a fan. Ryan's art is nice and simple. He has an amazing skill with blacks with his art reminiscent of Paul Grist creator of Jack Staff and Kane.

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