Monday 25 October 2010

The Replacements - Web Comic

Jesus Christ - In The Name of the Gun - Read OnlineThe Replacements CoverI stumbled across this web comic just floating around on Comixpedia. and I'm so glad i did. It was a great read and a fantastic find. Now I'm sure some of you will have already read this comic as it was fist posted online way back in 2003. This might be considered a Golden Age webcomic(wow epic fail on humour there). Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this and read it in one sitting. I hope that you enjoy it too and if you've read it before then go back and check it out again. you wont be disappointed.

The Writing
There is a nice flow to this comic. as each of the main characters are introduced you simply accept them. The heroes are pretty typical. There's a reluctant hero, a full on wanna be hero and a robot who appears to be John Wayne. What more could you want. . . OK how about a villain hell bent on revenge for being jailed for years and years so he just want the whole world to suffer. What about cool evil henchmen with robot arms or hook chains for eyes. I can top that too. How about lots of other dimension monsters ripping up stuff and causing mayhem. This comic has all that and more.

The Art
The art has a manga-esque feel to it with a touch of cartoon goodness. Not normally my cup of tea but it does suit this story. Its black and white but don't let that put you off as many of the best webcomics are. The action scenes work well and the quiet moments are well paced. The art is by Sara Turner and Jerzy Drozd.

Completed so no more updates.

The Replacements
Jerzy Drozd's Website
Sarah Turner's Website

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