Friday 25 March 2011

Webcomic Tweets on Twitter

Hey folks,
I don't get to post full comic profiles as often as I'd like but if you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I've started to Tweet about Some of the cool webcomics I found out there on that Internet thing. so with this post I thought I'd update you on what I've been tweeting about so anyone not on the old twitter bandwagon can also click through to the awesome webcomics i tweet about.

I think going forward this may be the new format for posts. So by following me on Twitter you'll get links to all these cool webcomics and more a few days quicker than they'll apear here, but if you want a bunch of comics all listed together with basic info about them, then this is the place to come

The Rioteer over on WEVolt is a good one to start on. Click here to go read that.
1948: America entered WWII too late to stop the 3rd Reich. Emboldened by their victory in Europe, the Germans brought the war to American soil...and won. Now the East Coast belongs to the Axis Powers, and is a testing ground for their depreaved mad scientists. Only one man stands between the huddled masses and scientific horrors: the last surviving result of America's super-soldier program. Atomic zombies, Nazi vampires, terrors from beyond the stars...nothing is too much for The Rioteer: Champion of Freedom! Comic updates on Fridays

Next up is Geist which is a little bit different to the stuff I normally post about although still very good and has lots of promise. To read Geist click here.
After weeks in hospital, Kate Crowley returns to school scarred, cursed and looking for revenge. But it won’t be easy: her targets are the untouchable Geistlords, influential students with the power to control the invisible monsters known as Geists. Worse, her cursed eye is making her hallucinate. And her only ally is her former best friend, who hates her almost as much as he hates the Geistlords. To get her revenge – and, maybe, win back her friend – she’ll have to use her curse to discover the truth about Geists…if it doesn’t drive her insane first.

Now this next one is an online garphic novel that has been completed and is available for you to read in full. Heartless Dark by Phillip and Adam Sevy. To read it click here.
Heartless Dark follows both Matthew and Ailis, two people at opposite ends of an apocalyptic prophecy, as they struggle to link global occurrences, personal events, and historical writings in a race to save the world.

OK about big mech robots and city destroying monsters. Kill all Monsters has that covered. Go here to read this high octane slugfest. Kill all Monsters is by Michael May and Jason Copland.
This webcomic is lots of fun and well worth a read (not that the others are not, i just don't have a synopsis for this one)

Some Superhero goodness now with Frostfire. I enjoyed this one hope you will too. Go here to read it.

Next is Wayward Sons: Legends. An Epic Sci-fi, fantasy, super powered, mythilogical saga with great art and a cool story. Read Wayward Sons: Legends here.
The Pantheans have just prevailed in a bloody civil war. Things go quickly awry while attempting to imprison the traitorous Kronos and a multitude of monstrous intergalactic criminals. Now the crew of the Ulympea, led by Captain Suras, must do whatever it takes to stem a full-scale prison break. What happens next, however, is completely unexpected! What starts as a straight forward Sci-Fi story, soon takes twists and turns into a genre-bending epic that defies explanation.

Red Moon Rising is really nice and is building to be another epic webcomic. Read it here.
Red Moon Rising is a full-colour steampunk fantasy webcomic set in the midst of a magic-fuelled industrial society, following one person’s small mistake and the knock-on effect it has on the people and the world around them.

Next I tweeted a link to Danielle Dark. If you like vampires then you'll like this. if you don't like Vampires then I suggest checking this out because its got so much more going on and the art is nice too. Read it here.
Danielle Dark is the story of a vampire not entirely accustomed to what she is. Danielle is trying to fit into mortal society, but discovers that is more difficult than she imagined.
Turned just over 150 years ago, Danielle is a relatively young vampire, but the circumstances of her change have made her a vampire with additional abilities. The fact that Danielle is different than other vampires has not escaped the attention of various entities with their own agendas. Some merely wish to observe Danielle’s activities, while others want her cooperation. There are also those who want Danielle destroyed.

Fortunately, Danielle Dark is a formidable vampire with equally formidable allies. But her biggest challenge is to accept herself for what she is. Find out more about Danielle Dark each week. Updates are every Friday.

More coming in the next post but enjoy these for now

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Michael May said...

Thanks for reading and mentioning Kill All Monsters! Here's a synopsis if it helps:

In Kill All Monsters! the giants have already won. It's a post-apocalyptic setting in which the world has been completely overrun by giant monsters. Pockets of humanity are hiding and surviving as best they can, but no one's found an effective way to defeat the beasts...until now. Operating out of a hidden temple deep in the jungle, the African Defense Force has created a small until of giant mechs, operated by an international team of the best pilots humanity has to offer. The story begins with the unit's first trip out of their home continent as they try to assess some of the damage done to Europe. What they learn there is even more terrifying than they imagined.