Friday 25 March 2011

More Webcomic Tweetness

Some more Cool Webcomics That I've been posting about on Twitter. Hope you enjoy these and as always feel free to comment or even better follow @coolwebcomics on twitter.

So, as with the previous post below are some Cool Webcomics that I've been reading and felt the urge to tell you about, well in the very least give you a link so you can go check them out for yourself.

I'm sure that you'll find something that you like, if not in this post then most definitely somewhere on the blog.

For Lovers of Dragons and Fantasy webcomics Tears of the Dragon is awesome. Go read it here.

Teenage spies, espionage, International Danger. That'd be Spy6teen. Another cool webcomic.

Check out Team Mummy online comic. It's insane.

Check out The Assignment from R & R Comics. Well worth your attention.

Go have a look at Hard Graft very enjoyable.

Found this awesome webcomic called The Class. Think this is gonna be a big deal. go read it now.

Found another promising webcomic. It's called Blueyonder. Don't confuse it with the broadband and TV provider Blue Yonder. Who are now Virgin. . . Just go check out . It is very nice.

Another nice Little Webcomic for your viewing pleasure .

Malaak: Angel of Peace. About a Lebanese superhero. Well worth your time .

The Allies lost WWII. Find out what happened after that in Heroes Inc. great story, great art!

Zombie Fun. Gotta love a good Zombie Webcomic! check out

Specimen b-28 just got a brand new website. making it much easier to enjoy.

Only 25 pages so far but looks really good. Go check it out.

Check out 'Light Years Away' on Floodworks. A certified Cool(by me) online comic .

Everyone's probably already reading this one but check out the brilliant 'Jackie Rose'

Still more to come soon. I've been Tweeting lots.

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