Monday 6 July 2009

High Moon - Web Comic

High MoonHigh Moon Comic pagesOk now, where to start with this one. High Moon , was one the first winner of Zuda's monthly competition. I initially never looked twice at as the original 8 pages never looked that good. How wrong was I? I took another look at it the other day and was absolutely blown away. I must be a bit slow on the uptake because i totally missed it.
Now on to my review. .
Werewolves . . . Check. Vampires . . . Check. Cowboys . . . Check. Three of my favourite film genres all wrapped up in a handy little flash webcomic along with Native American spirits/demons and some really strong characterisation and storrytelling make this one of my new fave webcomics. And should, in my opinion, become a new monthly printed comic under the vertigo label as it ould fit perfectly in that line.

The Writing
Really good, Twists and turns around the old wild west in ways remnicent of the Unforgiven movie mixed in with Buffy the Vampire slayer. Throw in a smattering of Steampunk, or a bit of wild wild west. . . . nah, scrap that i dont want to sour your conceptions of this great comic.

The Art
As I've said above I did not dig this when I first saw it but the art rally grows on you and suits the style of the story. Kinda reminds me of Dan Brereton of Nocturnal Fame, but with a smoother finish, not as angular as Brereton. Dark and brooding suits this perfect.

4 Pages a week on a 15 week schedule, Now also in printed format.

High Moon Online Comic (Flash Plug-in Required)
Creator Blog
Zuda Comics

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David Gallaher said...

Wow, Thanks for the great write-up. We actually do four pages on a 15 weekly schedule, with usually a six-to-eight week break in-between new stories. New story arcs start on the following full moon. And, yes, the first HIGH MOON trade hits stores on October 13h!