Tuesday 9 June 2009

Monster Plus - Web Comic

Monster PlusNewsarama turned me on to Action Age Comics run by Chris Sims and Chad Bowers. Chris does the Super Invincible Blog and Chad is the creator of Doctor Impossible and Action Ace. Oh boy what a find. Here you have a couple of guy who obviously love the art form of comics and together have created some really cool online content for readers to devour.

Now on to Monster Plus. Action Age site says "Mark Darke thought he had it all under control, but his plans didn’t account for the return of a Mummified Werewolf Zombie Vampire Frankenstein Witch Doctor From Mars and his gang of teenage sidekicks!" I could not put it better.

The Writing
Vampires, Monsters, Aliens , Superheroes and a clone of Dracula as a teenager. That's just a few of the things that appear in the first few pages of the comic. The way the story flows kinda reminds me of Savage Dragon and the plethora of weird and wonderful characters does enhance the similarity. There is however no similarity to the Dragon in the actual story. I really like where this is going and plan to continue reading it.

The Art
One word to say about the art. Fun. Its not the best art I've seen in an online comic and its not the worst. Some of the anatomy of the characters is off and some of the panels look flat but for the most part the art is solid and does not detract from the story. Shows lots of potential for development. I can see Nathan Kroll becoming a major force in the comic industry if his art continues to develop.


Monster Plus Online Comic
Action Age Comics

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Chad Bowers said...

Glad you found us, and thanks for the review.

Great blog. Keep it up.